GpsMid in development

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Please note - much of the information on GpsMid web pages, especially on development, is outdated - please see the GpsMid wiki for current information.

This page demonstrates an up-to-date snapshot from our CVS repository. This code is not yet released and may contain aditional bugs. It does however give an easy view of the current development going on in GpsMid

Additional features since the last release (0.4.51)

Testing the latest code

If you want to test the latest and greatest GpsMid features, or want to see if a bug has been fixed, checkout out the (more or less) nightly builds

Building a CVS snapshot your self

Further information about how to compile from CVS can be found on the wiki


If you have a java plug-in for your web browser, you can have a look at a live demo of GpsMid to see what it offers for you. The page presents a mobile phone emulator that is running GpsMid in which you can try out viewing the map, searching and routing.

Due to starting the java plugin and downloading GpsMid, the demo page might be slow to load!



Last updated: 22/09/10 --- GpsMid is licensed under GPLv2 --- OpenStreetMap is CC-BY-SA