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This page allows you to try out and play with a fully functional GpsMid in your web browser by running it in an emulator. You will need java installed and applets enabled to be able to run the emulator.

If you want to find out more about GpsMid in general, please return to the main page, or if you want to learn how to create a map bundle of your region for GpsMid, please have a look at Osm2GpsMid. There are also some ready to use map bundles for some areas available.

It will take a while to download, but eventually, you should see a phone emulator with GpsMid running on it. As the emulator lacks some of the required "hardware support", such as access to a GPS or local file system, unfortunately not all of the features of GpsMid can be tried out.   This demo shows an area of central Munich, Germany. The demo on the left is based upon version 0.5.00 of GpsMid, the currently released one, whereas the one on the right demonstrates the latest developments in version 0.5.09

This demo uses MicroEmulator 2.0.2. It is also possible to run your own bundled midlets on your PC using it.


GpsMid version 0.7.31 Amsterdam Nightly build of GpsMid in development

Last updated: 28/01/10 --- GpsMid is licensed under GPLv2 --- OpenStreetMap is CC-BY-SA