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First demo for a new, off-line, experimental Routing-Engine.

How to find a route?

After the emulator starts, accept the splash screen content and select "Map". Press the "search" Softkey and enter 3224. Then press "down" until "Dachauer Str. / München" is selected, then press "Fire" (between left and right arrow). Now you have chosen "Dachauer Str" as the target.
Move with the arrows to another point on the map. Now press the "Menu" Softkey and select "route". After a while you will see blue arrows and a line appear. These indicate the way to the target and together with the text description will guide you there. The blue arrows indicate the directions to turn. A right arrow means turn right. Might be a bit confusing if you drive to the south. Then the street is painted at the left side, but you have to turn right. If You have comments or suggestions about routing/navigation please post here .

Last updated: 05/10/09 --- GpsMid is licensed under GPLv2 --- OpenStreetMap is CC-BY-SA